My music has been inspired by writing and literature, namely Greek mythology and Shakespeare. As a child, before I started playing the violin, I not only used to read a lot, but I also wrote my own stories. I used to make books out of stapled paper and wrote and illustrated stories from when I was four to around 5th grade. 


Now, even though I am a musician on the outside, I have always considered myself a storyteller for life. I hope to continue telling stories through music in all kinds of forms and sounds.


Solo piano

Soliloquy for the Left Hand (2015)

Unaccompanied violin

Le Moustique for solo violin (2015)

Dance Suite for Solo Violin "Terpsichore" (2018)

I. Ouverture Romaines

II. Pavane without a Partner

III. Danse Macabre

Haiku for solo violin (2019)

Élégie for Solo Violin "Melpomene" (2020)

Violin and Viola

Perspective for violin and viola

Violin and Piano

Phantasy after Salome (2017)

When the Hazelnuts Ripen (2020, originally for string orchestra)

Chamber Ensemble

kompsós'gnáthos for trumpet, viola and 3 violins

String Orchestra

Five Visions after Macbeth (2015)

When the Hazelnuts Ripen (2020)