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Founded in 2019, The Leo String Quartet is one of the three resident student quartets selected for Stony Brook University’s prestigious Emerson String Quartet Institute. All four members are currently pursuing their doctoral degree at Stony Brook University. The name “Leo” was chosen based on the zodiac sign of late August, when the quartet was founded. The name was also inspired by Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy, who was moved to tears after hearing the second movement of Tchaikovsky’s String Quartet No. 1. - the first piece the Leo String Quartet read together as a group. Leo Tolstoy’s fight for peace and harmony has inspired the core mission of the Leo String Quartet: to share peace, love and happiness with music.

In October 2019, the Leo Quartet was invited by Death of Classical to perform at “Nightfall at Greenwood”, in which more than 4000 people attended. In November 2019, The Leo Quartet gave the world premiere of “Mine Alone” by composer and violinist Pauline Kim-Harris, at the Staller Center for the Arts and the Roulette Intermedium Brooklyn. In February 2020, the Leo Quartet was invited by the German National Tourist Office to perform in the celebration ceremony for Beethoven’s 250th birthday at the Midtown Loft.


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