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Little Bee's Hive

Little Bee's Hive is where I write.

The name "Little Bee," which I use in my YouTube and Instagram handles, is the name of a character in an original story series that I wrote and illustrated, when I was around six or seven. The stories were about a group of young insects who were friends and went on adventures together. Little Bee, the main character, is a "girl bee" - something I always emphasized at the beginning of every story, because I used to think she looked like a boy. Little Bee was kind of like a soulmate to me; she loved to read, had a wild imagination, and was always coming up with many big ideas even though they didn't always go right.

This space, named after a character I invented in a story that loves reading, is dedicated to my writing, something I do very often as a student and scholar, but not so much in my spare time nowadays. Things you might find here include:

++ Things I think about a lot in classical music composers, composition and performance,

++ People and things that inspire me musically,

++ Books and literature I have read and felt a strong impact by, and (if I have ever have the time),

++ Original stories.

「Little Bee's Hive(リトル・ビーの巣)」は、私がひたすら文章を書くスペースです。

YoutubeやInstagramなどでの私のユーザーネームに含まれている「Little Bee(リトル・ビー)」は、私が6歳くらいの時に書いた絵本シリーズの登場人物です。昆虫たちが様々な冒険にでる物語で、その主人公であるリトル・ビーはハチの女の子。男の子か女の子かが分かりにくい見た目が原因で、お話の最初では必ず彼女のことを「ハチの女の子です」と改めて紹介してた。彼女は文学好きで想像豊かなキャラクターで、たまには発想が大きすぎて実現することに失敗してしまうこともあった、私にとってはソールメイト的な存在でした。

このLittle Bee's Hiveは、私が様々なことについて書くことに潜入できるところです。主には音楽や今までに読んだ本などについて書きますが、たまに時間がある時には、オリジナル物語を作ることもあるかと思います。どうぞよろしくお願いします。

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